CBD Joint Relief Essential Oil Roll On

Our CBD Joint Relief Roll On contains black pepper oil, peppermint oil, helichrysum oil, arnica flower oil, lavender oil, ginger root oil, frankincense oil, myrrhs oil and of course CBD distillate. These ingredients combine to create an amazing, effective and natural combination of anti-inflammatories, blood stimulation, anti-swelling and antioxidants. For the full breakdown of how each ingredient helps, please see the description below.




  • Black pepper oil – High in antioxidants, inflammation reducer, natural pain reliever & warms up your body
  • Peppermint oil – natural pain reliever, inflammation reducer, helichrysum oil, anti-inflammatory properties & anti-allergen properties
  • Arnica flower oil – Soothes swelling
  • Lavender oil – Effective pain reliever against arthritis & relaxing aroma
  • Ginger root oil – Warming effect on sore muscles & joints
  • Frankincense oil – Soothes inflamed skin & stimulates blood flow
  • Myrrhs oil – Relieves pain by inhibiting the production of swelling
  • CBD distillate – More cannabinoids than isolates to help ease symptoms of your common cold, antibacterial properties & inflammation reducer


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