CBD Oil Tincture & Capsules

Tinctures are considered fast-acting and potent, particularly when the tincture is placed under the tongue. The oral mucosa is full of tiny capillaries that absorb the compounds quickly. Oils and tinctures are a good choice for anyone who can’t take pills or capsules. We have Tincture in capsule form as well.

CBD Topicals

A study analysis in Journal of Pain Research confirms that topical use of certain cannabinoid topicals such as lotion can reduce pain, inflammation or neuropathic pain. Topical lotions can also treat some skin conditions, like eczema and psoriasis.

CBD for Pets

Animals have the same endocannabinoid system as humans, and can benefit in many of the same ways. Don’t worry, they won’t get high from the CBD, we promise.

CBD Flower & Pre-Rolls

CBD flower may have a very low THC content, but it still contains many beneficial cannabinoids including: THCA, THC, CBGa, CBG, CBDa, CBD, CBN, CBV, THCv, ETC. Smoking CBD flower is the fastest way to experience effects and can be used for treatment of anxiety and stress relief, prevention of pain and inflammation, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, and other neurological disorders such as Type 1 Diabetes, Cancer, and Acne.


Corvus CBD has created their Hummingbird line featuring high quality lotions, serums, soaps, sea sponges, essential oil roll ons and sugar scrubs with nothing but nourishing ingredients to feed your body. Avoid petroleum/chemical based ingredients and other harmful ingredients known to alter your hormonal and immune systems with Corvus Hummingbird.